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Tanning Pills

Having that sun-kissed look year round can take years off your appearance, and can even make you look more vibrant, healthier, and slimmer. Unfortunately, spending hours in the sun isn't always something that we have time to do. With our busy schedules in our day to day lives finding an easier and faster way to tan is what we're all searching for. One way some people have chosen to try is with tanning pills, but how safe are they? And how do tanning pills even work?

Sunless tanning products such as creams, lotion and sprays are just one way to achieve a natural-looking tan, but popping a pill to achieve the same effects may be another option.
Are sunless tanning pills as safe and effective as their makers claim? A closer look reveals the truth behind sunless tanning pills:

How Sunless Tanning Pills Work

Sunless tanning pills typically contain a number of vitamins along with pigment-enhancing ingredients such as tyrosine and caretonoid. Tyrosine is an amino acid commonly found in foods such as avocados, fish, chicken, whole grains and pumpkin seeds. Most people get enough tyrosine from their diets, but some people have reported that their skin turns orange with tyrosine supplementation. Results can be further enhanced by exposing the skin to UV rays, and many people take sunless tanning pills before hitting the tanning bed in hopes of boosting that tan.

Caretonoid may also enhance the amount of visible pigmentation on the skin, and colors the layer of fat under the skin’s surface. These tanning pills contain the active ingredient ‘canthaxanthin’ which binds itself to the layer of fat underneath the skin during the darkening process. However, researchers are still trying to determine what the dosage of this supplement is appropriate for human consumption. Dermanetwork.org reports that the amount of caretonoid required to achieve this high level of pigmentation may be dangerous.

Hidden Dangers of Sunless Tanning Pills


Both tyrosine and caretonoid are ingredients that simply ‘color’ your skin various shades of orange, and some formulas may be powerful enough to turn the skin a very dark and unattractive color. Sunless tanning pills are an unregulated dietary supplement, and are not backed by enough scientific studies to be deemed safe; in fact, the Food and Drug Administration has not given these sunless tanning pills its stamp of approval.
The Cleveland Clinic Center for Consumer Health explains highlights some important risk factors involved with sunless tanning pills. Common side effects of these pills include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Liver damage
  • Anemia

An Overview Of the Types of Tanning Pills


One of the best-known tanning pills contains a harmless, non-toxic food coloring, Canthaxanthin, a natural organic nutritional supplement. Oficially, canthaxanthin is approved by the FDA, as a vitamin supplement.
USA Food and Drug Administration Department recommends it only for use in small amounts in food coloring. Except food coloring, where the dosage is strictly established and controlled, there is a problem of using canthaxantin in other formulas.
The human body (body fat, more exactly) can't decipher it from pills so it turns into orange instead of a bronze color. Body fat can absorb a certain dosage, until saturation is achieved. Besides, self tannng pills are under suspicion since liver damage, jaundice cases and hepatitis have been detected as side effects. That is why this supplement is not approved as an oral tanner.


Another self tanning pill is Elusun, containing betacarotene as an active ingredient. It was produced in France and it was famous a few years ago. This was also a tanning pill passing as a nutritional supplement; those experiencing Elusun were extremely confused about the dosage and about the orange tint they got.


Meanwhile, something also working as a self tanning pill, but containing a synthetic derivative, has been created in the labs. Melanotan-1 is a drug and can induce tanning. The drug derives from the natural hormone which controls skin pigmentation. The tablets should be taken only after the meals throughout the day for optimum absorbtion. The dosage has to do with body weight, too. It is said that the pigmentation appears no sooner than in two weeks.
The studies regarding melanotan-1 are inconclusive so far. In fact, none of the self tanning pills have been officially introduced and established.


Bottom line, if you do decide to go with sunless tanning pills make sure that you follow the strict guidelines on the bottle. Always check with your docter or pharmacist if you are taking any other perscription medication. Not for everyone,using these tanning pills can be an effective way of producing a color that may satisfy you. Trial and error is the best way to decide if these tanning pills are for you or if you would rather hit the beach or tanning bed.




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