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Tanning Bronzers

One of the very popular types of indoor tanning lotions is an indoor tanning bronzer. Some indoor tanning bronzers have a very high level of bronzer in it, while others have a low amount. Both are fine just depending on what type of skin you have and whether or not you are an experienced tanner with a good base tan or just starting out.

If you want to quickly get a dark tan or darken your existing tan then indoor tanning bronzers are great for you. Bronzers will give you a nice natural tan without having to spend as much time in the sun or under those UV lights. This can be very beneficial to the long term health of your skin.

There are a few guidelines you should follow when you use bronzers. Here are a few easy to follow instructions that will help get the best tan out of your bronzer.

1) Only apply specifically made facial bronzers to your face – As your face is the most visible part of your body and one of the most sensitive parts, a specifically designed facial bronzer should be used. If you use a normal tanning bronzer on your face, your face may not look as natural as it should. Facial tanning lotions with bronzer are specifically designed to give your face a nice natural healthy dark tan. (Sometimes I do cheat on this step. I don't always have the money to buy a special facial tanning lotion, but I wouldn't recommend doing this until you are very experienced with your tanning lotion bronzer. And by all means if you can afford to get the face stuff, do it! The outcome is well worth it.)

2.)Make sure the bronzer is applied evenly – If indoor tanning bronzers are not applied evenly they can cause some streaking. This usually occurs in tanning lotions with high concentration of DHA (DiHydroxAcetone), the substance used to bronze your skin. The best way to avoid this is to start tanning with only a low level bronzer. Then once you have a solid base tan try using a higher bronzer formula.

3) Only use quality name brand bronzers – If you want to avoid an unnatural tan it is recommended that you only use high quality brand name indoor tanning lotions. This is because some of the cheaper lotions contain low quality bronzer or too high of a percentage of DHA. When these low quality lotions are used streaking can occur or your skin starts to look orange.

4) Don’t have a shower for 4 hours after you tan in a tanning bed– As the oxidizing process of the bronzer can take several hours. The chemical reaction that occurs between the DHA and your skin can take up to four hours, so for best results one should wait a while before hopping in the shower.

5) Wash your hands after applying the bronzer – If you want to avoid turning your hands extra dark or an unnatural orange color, it is recommended that your wash your hands after applying bronzer.

6) Maintain you tan by continuing to use bronzers regularly – As the bronzing process is only temporary, if you stop using bronzers while tanning you may lose the darkened results. For best results with bronzers it is recommended that you continue to use bronzer tanning lotions. If you stop using a bronzer tanning lotion once you get the results you want, it will eventually start to fade.

Personally a bronzer tanning lotion is my favorite type of indoor tanning lotion. I especially recommend it for people with fair skin. Usually people with fair skin don't get that deep brown color that darker skinned people can achieve so easily. This can be accomplished for us very pale people too, just by using a bronzer tanning lotion!




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