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Paint It Black Tanning Lotion

If you’re looking for an indoor tanning lotion product to build you an even darker base tan then Paint It Black will take you there. It goes on silky smooth, without the stickiness and helps you achieve that super dark tan you’ve been wanting.

This indoor tanning lotion works good for darkening those areas that are hard to tan at a much faster rate than other leading indoor tanning lotions. The Paint It BlacPicturek Tanning Lotion has special ingredients which help more UV light penetrate and produce melanin and the silicone emulsion makes your skin feel smooth after tanning.

Here are some of the best features of – Paint It Black 50X Extreme Silicone Auto Darkening Tanning Lotion

■Use Paint It Black Indoor Tanning Lotion to get a dark tan faster   

■Silicone emulsion formula helps keep your skin smooth
■Special ingredients help to produce faster tanning
■One of the most popular indoor tanning lotions on the market

This is personally one of my favorite indoor tanning lotions. The best part about this tanning lotion is the price. You can find Paint It Black 50x on Ebay and Amazon.com for a pretty reasonable price. So if your on a tight budget this is definetly the indoor tanning lotion for you. Even if your not watching your purse strings, which most of us are these days, you can't get a much better tanning lotion. I love this indoor tanning lotion!

Update: Since this post was written(many years ago) Millenium has come out with a few newer, updated, possibly better indoor tanning lotions very similar to the Paint It Black. In fact if it were a movie these lotions would be the sequel, lol. The Millenium Solid Black, Insanely Black and I believe Black Storm are the few bronzer tanning lotions that I know of that have followed Paint It Black. I think they are all good, it just depends on your own personal preference. Another difference is the amount of bronzer strength they have in them, the newer lotions have a higher strength bronzer. Which can be good, or for some may be bad.

Amazon is one of the very best places to buy tanning lotion, that I do know! So if you want check out the links below to the indoor tanning bed lotions that I have mentioned in this post. I hope you find what you are looking for and please leave comments!! Thanks!




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