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How To Get A Good Tan

No matter how hard you try you just can’t get that great indoor tan in a tanning bed? I have the answer. First of all, your indoor tanning lotion makes all the difference, there are a few different types of indoor tanning lotions. There are accelerators and there are bronzers. Most likely if you have tried a tingler you got a beet red color and could actually feel your skin burning. They have been shown to work very well though. Personally, I can't stand the feeling of my skin burning for hours after my tanning session from tinglers. Although with that said, I still use that type of indoor tanning lotion because the tingle tanning lotion works good. For fair skinned people they will probably give your skin a reddish look, try testing it out on a small portion of skin first.

In the shower on the morning you wish to go tanning, specifically indoor tanning, you must use an exfoliant. Exfoliation is extremely important to the overall effectiveness of tanning in a tanning bed. By exfoliating the skin we are able to wash away dry, dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface. Shaving is also an excellent way to "exfoliate" because the razor gets rid of excess dry skin cells as well. Exfoliation is important because it rids dry skin, which can interfere with the tanning process, and also prevents flaking of the skin.

If you have an exercise routine it is a good idea to work out before going tanning. Something with the blood flow and increased circulation, it helps your skin with producing the melanin.

After your shower and exfoliation it is important to moisturize. At this stage, most any moisturizer will work. Moisturizers are most effective on moist, still wet skin, which is why you should immediately apply lotion after stepping out of the shower. This way, it will absorb better into the skin and your skin will retain moisture for longer. This is an important step before tanning because moist skin gets the most effective tanning results. I would like to recommend something with dead sea salts in it, that is my preference.
When you first start tanning you have to start out with a mild tanning lotion such as a bronzer, I like Black Night, Cafe Bronzer and Paint it Black but there are many more out there. Check out my others articles about choosing different types of tanning lotion.


After you develop a base tan you can start my special technique of using a good bronzer of your choice and just applying a little bit of a tingle lotion on your arms and legs and other trouble spots that don't get as tan as the rest of your body.

Finally the last step is to use, not a sunless tanner but more specifically Jergens Natural Glow. It works wonders in trouble areas that don't tan as well, such as under the neck and shoulders and under your arms and arm pits. It also tops off your perfect tan with a beautiful brown glow but don't worry it isn't even that noticeable just as long as you don't go overboard with it.

Good Luck with everything and please read all of the other specialized content on the left.




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