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Beware of Hidden Cameras In Tanning Beds

Having a home tanning bed is not possible for everyone and so people often go to a tanning salon instead. Lately there have been a lot of reports of hidden cameras being placed in these tanning salons.

Spy cameras are hidden in tanning salons by the owners to capture naked photographs of the customers. There have been many cases reported to police of the illegal use of hidden cameras in tanning salons having tanning beds.

If you have a tanning bed at your home then it is no problem to tan naked or undress for the tanning session but, many people prefer to go to tanning salons for getting that great brown tan. The reason why people prefer to go to tanning salons is that they are able to get expert advise and guidance there. Also there's not all the maintenance that goes along with owning an indoor tanning bed.

For indoor tanning at a tanning salon, the customer often takes off most of their clothes or even some tan naked. The knowledge of this has been misused by some crooked tanning salon owners or staff. They get pictures of the customer tanning naked and make money by selling the pictures online or to other dealers of this type of business. Police have busted many cases of this kind and have gotten a hold of the pictures of innocent naked girls which the customer had no knowledge about.

So, if you intend to tan in a tanning salon then take the necessary precautions:

* Before you undress, look out properly for the type of room you are in. If you find anything suspicious, check it out properly.
* Watch out for the frame of the tanning bed. There should be no holes present. Even tanning beds could carry hidden cameras . So, check out the tanning bed properly!
* Going to a reputed tanning salon, this reduces the risk manifold. So, opt for a reputed salon instead.
* if you find anything out of the ordinary, let the police know about it so that they can carry out the necessary action.

Taking care of these things is important to carry out on your end. It is a precautionary measure to ensure a safe tan for yourself and others. However, you need not get scared of tanning salons because of this, because most indoor tanning salons are safe. Just wanted to make it known that this is becoming more and more common.



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